Sustainability - Bambini Early Learning Centre Parkville RCH


We make it our priority to minimise our impact on the environment and teach our children ways they can reduce their footprint. Not only do we ensure our centres adopt sustainable practices, but these values are instilled in our curriculum as we aim to help children see their role in the community.


Our community gardens at every centre are a point of focus and discussion for all children in our care. Our educators spend plentiful time with the children planting fruit and vegetables which they help to nourish and feed as they grow.

Once our plants are sprouting and have delivered us fresh produce, children help to pick and share these with our in-house chefs to be a part of our seasonal menus for every child’s enjoyment.

Observing as the fresh vegetables go from garden to table brings a sense of pride to be able to contribute and share with our community, something they helped to thrive.

This process also highlights the importance of nurturing our environment to maintain it and keep it lively for us and those who come after us.


Within each service, we have a commitment to using recycled and natural materials within our art projects or for in-room experiences, including loose parts play. Recycled parts play a fantastic role in the curriculum as they can be turned into an endless cycle of imaginary creations.

We encourage all family’s involvement in our sustainability journey and support their contributions whether in the form of recycled items, opportunities or collaborations with community groups.